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Rochelle Mitchell

Tennyson Mccarty along with his partner was recently at my school and they touched my heart. At first when I heard about the show I wasn't sure but when I went they really touched my heart. Now I'm back in church and i'm trying to live the life thats pleasing to God. I am so sorry about his death but God knew what he wanted him to do with his life and what his purpose was and he did just that. God knows whats best and now he's in heaven.

Cali and Teresa Garcia

When Teresa and I found out (from our friends in Austin) that Tennyson had passed away, we were heartbroken. What a wonderful guy! We knew him from church, and Tennyson had watched our boys on occasion so that Teresa and I could go out on date night. He was such a servant & encouragement, in many ways! In fact, I remember the first day that I met Tennyson in the Champions office. ...I was a bit discouraged since leaving the University of New Mexico after 10 years of campus ministry, and I felt like I had made a lot of mistakes. But Tennyson was so upbeat and eager to glean anything he could get. He encouraged me that I had a lot to offer regardless of what had happened, and asked if he could hang around me and soak up my "years of wisdom" (as he put it). That first encounter with Tennyson endeared him to my heart, and he proved to be the same wonderful guy in the years to come. Even though we haven't seen Tennyson over the last few years, it still stings to know that we will not see him again here on this earth.

Our heart goes out to Tennyson's family, and those who were blessed to see him on a daily basis, as we know your loss is great! We are only comforted by the knowledge that he really is resting in the arms of his Father. And he is experiencing the wonder of God's presence, which he worked so hard to communicate to others.

Much Love,

Cali & Teresa

Marlon Barnes

I still remember praying in the mountains while watching the sunrise with Tennyson back at CU. I remember the bible studies. I remember talking for hours about what we could do to try and be better men for God. The memories are vivid. I can't help but to feel sorry for letting time runaway with our friendship. I never got the chance to tell Tennyson how much those years in CU changed the course of my life. I vow to try and honor his life by continuing to fight the good fight of faith. The "fight" that he cared so much about.

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