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Natasha Cupic

Dear McCarty Family--I just heard this news today and I am so sorry for your loss. What an amazing man he was and I will miss him greatly. I went through all of my old photo albums and found so many pictures of our trips to Florida, Hawaii, Tennessee etc! Miriam, I still have pictures of us hiking with little Madeleine--she was such a cutie!

I still remember the day before the A&M game--walking into the end zone and saying "now this is where i want you to catch your winning touchdown!" and the next day he did just that! I loved watching him play football and how he mentally prepared for the games! He was so focused and determined.

I have so many memories that I will cherish forever in my heart--but most of all--he was a man of God and he constantly directed me down that path. I love you Tennyson and will miss you dearly!

Love, Natasha


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