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Abby Powell

I just want to say that Tennyson was like my BIG BROTHER everytime he came in town he's always stay with us. He's known us and my dad for a LONG time. He was such an amazing man of God and he did many great things for God and for other people. All he did was think about others and never himself. I miss him very much but will always remember him and all the memories we had together and ill never forget his laugh. It was sooo funny. well i know he's in heaven and i cant wait to see him one day!

Tom McCartney

November 2, 2007
Game Ball dedicated to the McCarty brothers.
Fairview 31 Sand Creek 0

August of 2005.
Tennyson McCarty was invited to the Summit Camp.
The Summit Camp is held in Frisco Colorado at Summit H.S.
The Fairview Football program has had a pre-season camp for the last 15 years.
The camp is designed for team unity and brotherhood.
Tennyson did a magic show and taught the team valuable lessons concerning deception and adversity. The seniors were given a gift (wristbands) and they handed out the wristbands to different teammates throughout the year signifying team unity and a band of brothers.

November of 2007.
Thursday night (November 1), the FHS football team dedicated their next game to the legacy that Tennyson McCarty had taught them. The team wanted to give the game ball to the brothers of Tennyson. Even though the team was 1-8, they had not given in to the deception and adversity and they played their best football at the end of the season. Fairview beat Sand Creek 31-0 on a Friday night (November 2) and spoke about the game ball in pre-game and halftime and after the victory. Even though Tennyson was a Boulder High Panther, the Kingdom of God was first and foremost and he taught the cross town rival valuable lessons about deception and adversity and his legacy will be remembered. The 2007 Knights have dedicated this game ball to the brothers of Tennyson (A band of brothers who are unified and will not give in to adversity or deception). This game ball represents the legacy of Tennyson and his heart to share the truth.

Coach Tom McCartney
& the Fairview Knights

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