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Big D

It was such a blessing to have lived with such an amazing man of God. Tennyson welcomed me into his home, and was one of the biggest influences in my relationship with Christ. A strong man with such a sensitive and compassionate heart.

One evening Tennyson, Somerset, Scagnutties (Brian) and myself all took a weekend trip near Estes Park. On our trip, we passed a house that was blazing in flames. I cannot recall who was driving but I can recall the power of Tennyson's prayer as we rushed to the house. The impact he had on me as we were driving up to the house was one of the most amazing experiences that has ever happened to me. I was presented with such an overwhelming situation but at such peace with the power of his prayer. This is just one of the many memories I had, I love you Tennyson and thank you.

- Big D

Kellie (Gaston) Sironi

Tennyson was fearless and bold and inspired me to be the same! I pray that God will take this tragic situation and use it for His Glory.

Kellie (Gaston) Sironi

John Sanders


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