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Annie Hommel

Of course, it is hard to know what to say. I knew Tennyson in Junior High and did not know him well after he devoted his life to his faith. That said, he was already a 'somebody’ at a young age--a boy who was never mean at a time in life when mean was often the norm. When I did run into him as an adult, he was kind, energetic and generous (literally, he bought my lunch that day).

I am so sorry for your loss....

Annie Hommel (Wiberg)

Alan Strait

One of the most tender memories that I possess is that of Tennyson, as an eleven-year-old, coming to visit his brother Eric in the Field House after practice. This little boy adored his older brother, and it was easy to see that the sentiment was more than returned. I hope that my boys have the affection for one another that I witnessed between these two brothers.

Eric and Family, I am sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.

Alan Strait

Mark McIntosh

From my days of covering the Buffs as a sportscaster at KCNC-TV Channel 4, I'll always remember Tennyson's great smile, lumbering gait and passion for the game.

I'll also remember his great family which provided the rich and fertile soil for the development of a great young man who departed far too quickly.


Mark McIntosh

Jason Staggers

Tennyson was a great man. It's been two years since I've seen him, but I remember him most for his kindness and humility. May God's peace and comfort be upon you - his family and close friends.

Jason Staggers
Melbourne, Australia

Don Griffin

I got to meet Tennyson through Coach Mac. Coach said to me, "Donnie this guy is a dynamo. He is the real deal. In love with Jesus Christ and full of fire." Well, I met him and that was what I saw. A young man in relationship with Almighty God and one who loved people. I was a recipient of that love from the moment I met him. Kind, thoughtful and lots of fun. He was a dear friend to my daughter Allie and always encouraged her. As a dad of four girls ,you pray for men who will treat your daughters with dignity and respect. In a world where that is rarely seen, there was Tennyson, a man doing it right. I thank God for my short but potent friendship with Tennyson and I thank God for his impact on our daughter Allie and on me. Can't wait to hug him in Heaven.
Tennyson family, you are blessed to have had him this side of heaven as a brother, son, grandson, cousin and intimate friend.I pray God's Shalom in your time of grief.God bless you all, Don Griffin

Bart Barnard

Tennyson meant a lot to everyone that knew him. He was someone special, kind, talented, and a genuine person. I played football with him at BHS and he was an awesome teammate, on and off the field. A friend.
Somerset and family, I am truly sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.
Bart Barnard

Deidre Guillory

I have known Tennyson since I was 17 years old. From the moment we met he took me under his wing and became a "bodyguard" of sorts lol. Tennyson became the most amazing brother I could have ever imagined... Him and Jim Monroe looked out for me and guided me in the things of Jesus, life and character. I have so many memories, too many to count...

Tennyson cared about others more than himself. His life was not his own and he lived his life in such a way that this world is ABSOLUTELY different because of his life. When I learned of his death I was reminded of how many lives he has touched. People from ALL OVER THE WORLD grieve his death and yet rejoice in the amazing friendships they had with him.

Although my heart is sick and each hour is a choice for me to think positive, I know one thing for sure. Tennyson lived his life to GIVE IT AWAY. We have to learn from this... he did more in his short sweet life than most will in their entire lifetime. Please, honor him and honor God by living your life from this day forward to GIVE IT AWAY. Give it away to those that are in need.

The world has lost an Angel but Heaven has gained a son. I love you Trock... thank you for every ounce of who you were, are and will forever be. You changed my life... I promise to pass that along to others...

I love you,

Deidre Guillory aka "your favorite little sister"


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Rashaan Salaam

I am very sad and hurt to hear that T-Mac passed away..He was a very fierce competitor..I can remember him playin scout team and having only one speed..Full throttle..He always gave first team offense a good look..Sometimes to good of a look..The good truly die young..I know he is in heaven!!

Rashaan Salaam

Charlie Melvin

I'll never forget the time Tennyson talked me into tubin' down Boulder Creek with him one afternoon. It was the Spring run-off and Boulder Creek was really moving. Against the advice of the Boulder Police Department (they had prohibited tubin' that week because the water was too high), Tennyson and I jumped in the creek for what he convinced me would be an exciting but leisurely float down the creek. Long story short we ended up floating about a mile past our planned exit point because I couldn't seem to get close to the shore and when I did I couldn't hold onto a tree branch long enough to pull myself out of the current. Thank God Tennyson had the strength and wherewithal to grab a tree branch from the shore with one hand and my tube with the other or else I think I might still be floating down that creek.

Tennyson had an adventurous spirit that I will never forget. I know you're happy in heaven, buddy, and looking after us.

Frank Leyhe

To my buddy Chancer and the McCarty Family, I am so deeply sorry . Tenny was an incredible man! I will miss his great sense of humor and the laughs we always shared when we were together. His faith was everything to him, he made it his life passion to share it with all he could. He made a lasting impression on me and many others around the world. I just wish I could have spent more time with him before his passing.

Brad Paisley's song "When I Get Where I'm Goin'" sure gave me comfort today. Take a listen if you never have. We truly lost a great one! Love you Tenny!

Frank Leyhe "Jonkies"

Eli Munroe i like to call you. There is such a void in my heart that i know only the Lord can heal..thankyou for being such an amazing brother to not only Jim, but myself. I always thought it so kind of you to take the time to check on the kids and i while you and jim were on the had such a kind heart that brought peace to soo many see you in your element with the younger generation..not many people take the time. You always did. I love you tdog....i know you are singing and dancing with the angels.

Stan Powell

I first met Tennyson in the fall of 1993 while accompanying a young man on a recruiting trip to CU. I was 33 and Tennyson was 19. God knit our hearts together that weekend. I fell in love with CU football, Coach Mac and Colorado in general. I'm from Shreveport, La. Over the years up to the present Tennyson spent a lot of time with me , my wife and 4 children. He grew to love our church(Shreveport Community Church) and our school(Evangel Christian Academy). We loved having him spend time with us, sharing his thoughts on life, family and most importantly, Jesus. He ministered at the school, in the church and prior to football games. What an amazing gift he had to share with people, his illusions. We loved to show Tennyson off every chance we could. We just loved having him with us to speak into the lives of our children and to be refreshed while staying with us. We will miss him greatly but we will cherish many wonderful memories God allowed us to have with him.
To Tennyson's family. We met ya'll one time there in Boulder. What an honor to meet the family of an amazing young man. You guys are special too in our book. God bless each of you. Stan Powell

Tracey Brubaker now Simmons

My heart was broken when I heard the news and now only God and time will heal my pain. I take it one day at a time and choose to focus on all the good he did for others and myself.He loved the Lord with all his heart and had a gift of touching people's lives. Tennyson played a big part in my walk to Christ and I thank God for him, he is truly a blessing. I love you Trock and We will all see you up in Heaven with the Father and that gives me peace.
With Love,

Stephanie Durels Manning

Tennyson took me to my Senior Prom. He was such a gentleman and he made my Prom an amazing night that I will always remember. He was one of the sweetest and most genuine men that I've ever known.
When I first met Tennyson I thought that he seemed really shy but as I got to know him the thing I liked most was that he could always make me laugh. He was very funny and charming and I will never forget that beautiful smile.
My favorite memory with Tennyson happened after the Prom. Tennyson took me and some of our friends on a little adventure. We changed out of our dresses and put on hiking shoes. We drove up the mountain and then hiked up to a spot where he told us there would be a beautiful view. When we got there, there was a "bum" sacked out on the bench overlooking the city. Tennyson got really "mad" and he started a fight with the "bum" and they were literally rolling around on the ground. As it turns out, he had staged the whole thing. The "bum" was his brother who proceeded to serve us a picnic as we sat and looked at the stars and the beautiful view.
I lost touch with Tennyson but I never stopped thinking of him. My memories of Tennyson are wonderful and I feel so grateful to have had the priviledge to know him. He touched my life and my heart.
I know that he is in a better place and I can only hope that he knows how much he was loved.
Stephanie Durels Manning

Shannon Simmons

Tenny definitely loved God with all his heart and pointed folks towards Jesus... isn't that the whole point of this short life on earth? What a phenomenal warrior for Christ, he was! From the first time we met Tenny, years ago, we knew he was filled with light!
Tenny lived as Jesus asks us to live. My prayer is that Tenny's passing would inspire more of us to live life with a constant eternal focus. Tenny sure did lay up treasures in heaven, as Matthew 6: 19-21 so amply states: "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Tenny is dancing in heaven with crowns of glory. His life made an an incredible impact on so many and his obedience drove others to repentance and salvation! Let's all be encouraged to go and do likewise. Let's continue to fight the good fight as Tenny cheers us on!
McCarty family, we can't imagine how you must be greiving right now. We pray for you to miraculously feel the peace that surpasses all understanding. We will all see Tenny again soon!
Love, Matt and Shannon Simmons

Derek West

I was absolutely shocked when I got the call from Matt Russell telling me about Tennyson. He was one of a kind. I think it is rare when an upper classman looks up to a younger player...but with Tennyson, you couldn't help it. He made all of us better just being around him. His attitude, spirit and overall demeanor were so contagious. Very seldom do people find there true calling in life..and I think we can all agree that Tennyson knew his from day one!! I am a better man for having known him and will cherish our time together. I look forward to the day I get a big ol' Tennyson bear hug. My families hearts go out to all of you...know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Jamie and Laura Bonnett

To the McCarty family and friends, my husband and I and many more are praying that you all will have peace in your hearts and understanding at this time. Tennyson is leaving a legacy that will hopefully continue to bring people to Jesus. He touched many people's lives in North Carolina. He will be greatly missed.
Jamie and Laura Bonnett
Greensboro, NC

Aimee Irwin

Tenny, we love you and we miss you so much! I can just see you now dancing away and performing your magic tricks up in the sky! I will forever be the president of your fan club! I know we will see you one day with our lord and savior! Your whole family is in our thoughts and prayers, With love, Aimee and Blake Irwin

Sarah Gotell

Tennyson, you will always be loved and missed. I am so honoured to have met you a few years back in Canada. You were such a great man FULL of faith, passion, and boldness! You've touch our campus, our church, and myself. I pray for peace to come quickly to those who are left behind, and look forward to meeting you again. I am praying for the McCarty Family and continue through out the next few months.

Sarah Gotell
Every Nation Vancouver

Coach Kevin M

God bless the McCarty family. Rest in peace Tennyson, you will be missed.

Kevin Meyer

Orion Hurley

I met Tenn at Baseline, and every day at lunch we'd play ball. His crew vs. mine. He had a fire, a passion for the game, and made us all so proud when he made the squad at CU. We were never best friends, but as we progressed through high school, and later CU, I would run into him and catch up from time to time. He never had an ego, and always took the time to sit and rap about what was happening in his life, equally interested in what was happening in mine. I was always overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity, but as the years wore on we lost touch. Both locals, I would still run into him from time to time, smile amd talk about old times over a Jamba Juice. I will forever remember you and your boys on the grid, trying so hard to best us upper-classmen, never giving in to the temptations that so often put in the way of success. You were a stand up guy Tenn, and I'll never forget your humble and noble spirit. My most sincere condolences to the McCarty family. Boulder has lost one of it's favorite sons, and this town is not the same without him. Silver and Gold forever.


Bill Goldstein

I had the pleasure of meeting Tennyson here in New York City; he spent a weekend at my apartment. I will always remember his warm smile and great sense of humor. He sent me a spiritual tape about six months later.

On behalf of the CU New York Alumni Club I’d like to extend my condolences to the McCarty family.

Bill Goldstein
CU New York Alumni Club.

Leslie Maynard

The first time I ever met Tennyson, he made me feel as though I was the only person in the room. The hundreds of others buzzing around behind us at the conference, didn't matter. His love for the Lord and dedication to seeing lives won for Jesus exuded in a passion for life that was contagious. It reaffirmed my faith that day, and that I will always remember. He reminded me simply through a smile, the how much we are loved by such a wonderful God. He will be greatly missed, but remembered in such an honored way. Especially by me. My prayers and love are with you all.

Leslie Maynard

The first time I ever met Tennyson, he made me feel as though I was the only person in the room. The hundreds of others buzzing around behind us at the conference, didn't matter. His love for the Lord and dedication to seeing lives won for Jesus exuded in a passion for life that was contagious. It reaffirmed my faith that day, and that I will always remember. He reminded me simply through a smile how much we are loved by such a wonderful God. He will be greatly missed, but remembered in such an honored way. Especially by me. My prayers and love are with you all.

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